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Making the decision to buy a new handbag is never an easy decision for a woman. Purses come in many different shapes, many different sizes, an infinite number of materials and textures as well as an array of colors. Then of course, many of us must consider the price, especially when you’re considering purchasing a designer handbag. At times, choosing the perfect purse can be an incredibly lengthy and frustrating experience.

Fortunately, women today have the opportunity to take advantage of a broad selection of shapes, sizes, textures and colors while saving tons of dollars in the process. In more recent years, Coach has introduced their Coach Factory Outlet Stores which house an incredible inventory of coach handbags, wallets and super popular accessories. Coach products have long been one of the most desired brands in the designer clothing industry and the outlet stores give shoppers the chance to look just as glamorous as Hollywood, but at a fraction of the cost.

Items arrive in the outlet stores when they are not sold in traditional Coach retail stores or are slightly damaged in manufacturing or shipping. Typically, the “flaws” are unnoticed and often would have been realized through normal wear-and-tear anyhow. Often it could be something as minor as a slight scuff on the leather in an obscure place or a scratch on the metal buckle that holds the purse strap. Because of this, visiting a Coach outlet store can deliver you a discounted coach purse at a significantly lower price.

You can visit our growing list of Coach Handbag Outlet Locations online to discover a Coach Factory Outlet Store nearest you.

How to Tell If Your Coach Purse is Real Or Fake

So you’ve done your research, shopped around for the best prices, found the style that has Y-O-U written all over it and now you’re ready to buy that perfect handbag. The problem now is determining whether or not to buy your Coach bag online, at a thrift store or at a traditional brick and mortar location.

Coach bags are one of the most desired purses in the highly-competitive, designer handbag industry but that doesn’t mean that one is out of reach for you. Nabbing a great discount is well within reason through sales at the traditional Coach stores or at their factory outlet stores, perhaps even a garage sale or maybe even an online venue. If you choose to purchase your purse online, the issue that you will run in to is whether or not the Coach purse that you’re looking at is authentic, or a fake.

It is unfortunate that there are dishonest sellers out there that will try and pass their purses off as being authentic, when in fact they are not. It is just as important to arm yourself with knowledge about how to determine whether or not your Coach purse-of-interest is real or a replica because outside of purchasing one from a Coach retail store or a Coach Factory Outlet store, there are no guarantees. Most buyers will do their research online and if you choose to purchase online, then there are a few things that you need to know.

Online buyers should look specifically at the list of items that the seller has listed on their online site. Typically, individual sellers with a large number of handbags up for sale should raise red flags to a potential buyer. You should also be more resistant to purchasing a purse made of fabric vs. its leather counterpart as the majority of knock off purses are fabric. This however is not the rule, there are in fact fake leather purses and in those instances the quality of the leather is a good indicator as to the authenticity of the purse.

In addition, when buying online NEVER purchase any purses with blurry or stock photos taken from Coach’s website. If you are interested in one of these purses, you should contact the seller directly and ask for a photo of the actual bag listed for sale. It would also be a good idea to read the description thoroughly as most sellers will tell you whether or not a handbag is real or fake. If the listing does not specify, you should contact the seller directly with any questions.

If the seller does not respond, then do not buy the purse.

You should also shy away from listings that are described as “very rare” as they are more often than not “very faux”. Of course, it goes without saying that you should pay close attention to the feedback that the seller receives on eBay, this is always important when making a decision to purchase online.

You can find more information on learning how to differentiate between a replica and an authentic Coach purse by visiting ” Is My Coach Purse Real ” to better inform yourself.

Working at the Coach Outlet

Many girls consider working at the Coach Outlet stores with visions of all the nice bags they can buy at great prices. The perfect college job! While this could be true, I think a lot of these girls spend most of their paycheck on Coach purses, wallets or whatever strikes their fancy. The rules have changed over the past few years on what type of discount these girls (and guys!) receive as an employee. At the time of this writing, some of girls have told me that they receive 60% off of the full price, or highest price on the tag. (The outlet tags often have two prices) This is a pretty good gig for a young girl who’s frothing at the mouth with every new truck load of merchandise that comes in. I think most of these girls would help unload the truck if they were allowed! Employees are not permitted to put anything on hold as they did in the past. Still, a pretty sweet deal if you are into Coach handbags. Or is it?

It starts with a beautiful scribble tote. The perfect bag for all my summertime fun activities! And 60% off… that’s even better than on eBay! You buy it. Next week a truck load of matching Mini Skinny’s come in. You have to have one. After all, it matches perfectly and once these cuties are gone they won’t be coming back. Ok, I’m set. Summer is great and I look awesome with my Coach tote and matching Mini. But the bag is not quite big enough. I’m not complaining, just taking note. I love the bag but maybe I did buy on impulse just a little. But it was cheap and still, I love it! Another truck comes in. Wow, look at these new Carly duffle’s! There is plenty of room and the signature khaki pattern will go with everything I own. I won’t have to buy another purse for years. Besides, the scribble is really just a summer bag. Fall will be here soon. I’m going to get it! You only live once! And this is the start of the cycle that continues until you finish college, are forced to find a real job and say goodbye to your paid hobby.

So while you may not have amassed much of a savings account, you’ve prepared yourself for your future by investing in other ways. You’ve stockpiled a massive arsenal of fashion accessories that will last a lifetime. You have a bag for every outfit. You look great at all your interviews and best of all, you’ll never have to buy another purse the rest of your life! A week has passed and today you are celebrating. You’ve landed your first real job. You owe much of your success to those Coach Factory Outlet years for looking so sharp at the interview. Monday you start your new position as assistant store manager at the Burberry Outlet Shop! I hear they have a great employee discount plan.

Coach Factory Outlet Stores – 3 Tips to Shop

A famous and well reputed brand in the leather market is “Coach”. It is an American based company that sells the finest quality leather products. The company is based in America but it sells its products throughout the world. The topmost selling products of Coach are its purses and handbags.

Coach has targeted the interest of women in durable leather products. Coach creates not only unique but also a wide range of designs from leather. The increasing demand of leather accessories has compelled the company to sell its products in different parts of the country. This is mainly done through Coach Factory Outlet Store. These stores held the Coach Company to increase their sales.

It was not only company who benefited with these Coach Factory Outlet Stores. The prospective customers were also able to enjoy shopping the standard quality leather products of their hot favorite company from these stores.

The company is very clear in his thinking that leather is the most durable stuff for handbags, jackets and purses. Their idea proved to be right as the Coach products lasts for several years. Not only the raw material used is of finest quality but the designs are also unique and innovative.

The designers are skilled to create the most wanted designs. Each Coach Accessory has a distinct cut and shape that suits with their day-to-day fashion and style.

Though Coach Products are comparatively expensive but they are backed by warranty and provide the finest quality. The policy which works behind these products is that customer has to pay well for buying the finest quality products. It is a reasonable deal as those who pay well gets well.

There are few other benefits of shopping from Coach Purses and Coach Handbags from Coach Factory Outlet Stores.

Affordable Prices: The coach products are offered at reasonable prices at Coach Factory Outlet Stores as these products come directly from the factory. There isn’t any retailer involved so the prices are far lower. The prices are less as the retailers margin is subtracted from the cost. The customers can enjoy buying their desired products at far less prices.

Highest Quality Product: Coach Factory Outlet Stores assures the customer is buying 100 % quality and genuine product. Needless to say the company never compromises on the quality of the products.

More Choices: Buying from Coach Factory Outlet Stores gives the prospective customer wide range of choices. These stores are supervised by the company so they make sure that all products are sold here at reasonable prices.

It is true that customers feel content and satisfied by buying the coach products. The coach policies are based on customer’s satisfaction.