How to Tell If Your Coach Purse is Real Or Fake

So you’ve done your research, shopped around for the best prices, found the style that has Y-O-U written all over it and now you’re ready to buy that perfect handbag. The problem now is determining whether or not to buy your Coach bag online, at a thrift store or at a traditional brick and mortar location.

Coach bags are one of the most desired purses in the highly-competitive, designer handbag industry but that doesn’t mean that one is out of reach for you. Nabbing a great discount is well within reason through sales at the traditional Coach stores or at their factory outlet stores, perhaps even a garage sale or maybe even an online venue. If you choose to purchase your purse online, the issue that you will run in to is whether or not the Coach purse that you’re looking at is authentic, or a fake.

It is unfortunate that there are dishonest sellers out there that will try and pass their purses off as being authentic, when in fact they are not. It is just as important to arm yourself with knowledge about how to determine whether or not your Coach purse-of-interest is real or a replica because outside of purchasing one from a Coach retail store or a Coach Factory Outlet store, there are no guarantees. Most buyers will do their research online and if you choose to purchase online, then there are a few things that you need to know.

Online buyers should look specifically at the list of items that the seller has listed on their online site. Typically, individual sellers with a large number of handbags up for sale should raise red flags to a potential buyer. You should also be more resistant to purchasing a purse made of fabric vs. its leather counterpart as the majority of knock off purses are fabric. This however is not the rule, there are in fact fake leather purses and in those instances the quality of the leather is a good indicator as to the authenticity of the purse.

In addition, when buying online NEVER purchase any purses with blurry or stock photos taken from Coach’s website. If you are interested in one of these purses, you should contact the seller directly and ask for a photo of the actual bag listed for sale. It would also be a good idea to read the description thoroughly as most sellers will tell you whether or not a handbag is real or fake. If the listing does not specify, you should contact the seller directly with any questions.

If the seller does not respond, then do not buy the purse.

You should also shy away from listings that are described as “very rare” as they are more often than not “very faux”. Of course, it goes without saying that you should pay close attention to the feedback that the seller receives on eBay, this is always important when making a decision to purchase online.

You can find more information on learning how to differentiate between a replica and an authentic Coach purse by visiting ” Is My Coach Purse Real ” to better inform yourself.